Fashion Giant Balenciaga Discontinues Twitter Presence; One of the First Major Brand to to Do So

According to Fortune, after Elon Musk’s entrance stirred concerns over the direction of the social media network, the high-end clothing company Balenciaga erased its profile from Twitter. The move was made at a time when changes to Twitter’s verification policy have led to the proliferation of impostor accounts, endangering the reputation of well-known people and public companies. According to the business magazine, Balenciaga has not provided any additional information regarding why it decided to delete its account and the 1 million followers it had on the platform.

Since Musk took the troubled platform private on October 27 and made significant changes, including firing half of its staff and launching a paid verification service that resulted in the proliferation of phoney accounts, Balenciaga, a Paris-based fashion brand, is the most recent business to leave it, according to Bloomberg. Insulin is now free, according to one who claimed to be Eli Lilly, and this led to a sharp drop in the drugmaker’s shares. Other businesses, such as General Motors, Volkswagen, Pfizer, and General Mills, have halted their platform advertising.

Other well-known public individuals who have deserted their Twitter accounts in the wake of Musk’s takeover include Gigi Hadid and Shonda Rhimes, according to the American broadcast network ABC News. Some people have criticised Musk’s management, saying his buyout was bad for the platform.

Elon Musk, the owner of Twitter Inc., has resorted to sacking company engineers who openly criticise him on the social media platform. Musk has referred to himself as a “free speech absolutist.”

In one case, Musk made the firing public via Twitter. Another stated that the ex-employee was fired for publicly criticising Musk.

Musk responded and asked Frohnhoefer to elaborate, before writing, “Twitter is super slow on Android. What have you done to fix that?” Frohnhoefer is an engineer who worked on Twitter’s app for the Android mobile operating system, and on Sunday he reposted one of Musk’s tweets with a comment, saying that Musk’s understanding of a technical part of Twitter’s app was “wrong.”

Frohnhoefer attempted to articulate his thoughts in a number of tweets, but one person questioned him as to why he hadn’t privately given his new boss his opinion. The more than eight-year engineer at Twitter retorted, “Perhaps he should ask questions privately. Maybe use Slack or email.”

Musk said that Frohnhoefer had been sacked in a post on Monday morning. When numerous staff were let go earlier this month, Frohnhoefer reposted the post and added a saluting emoji. Requests for comment on Frohnhoefer’s status were not immediately answered by Twitter or Frohnhoefer.