The Go-To Hairstyles For This Wedding Season

Choosing a perfect hairstyle is not just a worry reserved for the bride-to-be and groom, even guests must look and live into the fairytale. Whatever your attire maybe, your hairstyle will define the way you look and feel amidst the celebration of love and life. From casual updos to intricate ponytails, there are numerous trendy hairstyles that one can wear with their lehengas, sarees, gowns or suits and look like a million bucks for every event of the wedding.

Amy Johnson, Global Lead Stylist at Dyson shares top 4 hairstyles to try this season. You can simply achieve these with basic hairstyling equipment and accessories, just in case you are lacking in creativity.

Beach Waves

Perfect for morning ceremonies or light occasions, beach waves complement easy-breezy outfits beautifully. It is a great way to look effortless, classy, chic, and relaxed. Pair it up with a floral or pastel attire for an elegant look. To create beach waves, follow the below steps:

  1. Start with towel-dried hair and apply your favorite styling product. Comb mid-lengths and ends with a detangling comb.
  2. Next, take your Dyson Airwrap Multi-styler and use the attached Coanda smoothing dryer, a multi-functional attachment that quickly prepares hair for styling.
  3. Select drying mode and choose high speed, high heat and pre-dry your hair.
  4. Divide hair into multiple sections and attach the 30mm long barrel to create voluminous curls and waves in both directions. Set the airflow direction to curl outwards from the left side of your face.
  5. Take the bottom section of your hair and hold it in place until dry. Set the curl with a cold shot for 10 seconds. Repeat the same at the top section of your hair
  6. Next, change the airflow direction for the other sections of hair and repeat on the other side.
  7. To add more body and shape to your hair, attach the round volumizing brush and choose the medium speed and medium heat.
  8. Create volume at the crown area and touch up front hair pieces to finish up the look.

Elegant Updo

A simple yet elegant hairstyle for the forthcoming sangeet or mehndi ceremony. Choose this stylish, attractive, but relaxed updo. Being carefree is important. Make a statement with your delicate curls pinned up without creating a typical bun. Incorporate a crystal flower pin to upgrade the appearance.

To achieve this hairdo:

  1. To begin, blow-dry the hair with a hairdryer until it is 80% dry. After your hair has dried, divide it in half and make a center parting.
  2. Begin with one half, use the blow dryer on high heat and high airflow setting to manually coil a tiny part of hair around a round brush.
  3. To set the curl, microwave each part of hair for 5 seconds (or until dry). Remove the pin after it has dried. To finish the first half of the hair, repeat the procedure.
  4. By following steps 2 & 3, finish the second half of the hair.
  5. Secure the hair in a low side ponytail using an elastic band.
  6. Divide the ponytail in half, coil one end around the elastic band, and pin the other half in place.
  7. Re-do it with the other half.
  8. To achieve a more natural look, release fringe at the side and loosen hair at the top section.
  9. In order to complement your traditional attire, you might also add some flowers.

Super Volumised Blowout

Particularly whether you are a bridesmaid or a member of the bride and groom’s family, the wedding season may be incredibly demanding. A smooth blowout would be the ideal choice if you didn’t have time to choose your wedding hairstyles from your Pinterest board. The quick and simple smooth blowout hairstyle can provide you the ideal start for approaching wedding celebrations by making your hair look effortlessly stunning. Make your hair talk by following these steps:

  1. Start with clean, damp hair, then use a hair dryer to dry it. Pre-dry at a low heat and medium speed.
  2. Attach any style concentrator that is designed for targeted styling to a section of your hair. Choose a medium heat and speed.
  3. With a sizable round brush, lift and dry the roots, and then use a styling concentrator to follow the brush. the entire section again.
  4. Use the flyaway attachment to get an extremely smooth finish.
  5. Repeat all sections.
  6. Part your hair according to your preference, and to glam it up, add a pin with rhinestones on one side.

Princess waves

We’ve got you covered with this sophisticated appearance that will dazzle everyone in the room (maybe helping you find your future half). This hairstyle, which is nothing less than a showstopper, is ideal for wearing with a flowing saree or fluid lehengas throughout the reception or wedding nights.

How to achieve this:

  1. Blow-dry the hair until it is 80% dry using the Airwrap multi-pre-styling styler’s drier attachment on a high heat and high airflow setting. During the process, scrunch the hair roots with your fingertips to create root lift.
  2. After your hair has dried, divide it in half and make a centre part.
  3. By manually winding a tiny portion of hair around the 40mm Airwrap barrel on a high heat and high airflow setting, starting with one half, create inward-facing curls.
  4. Once the hair is fully curled, attach the firm smoothing brush to the multi-styler and brush through the curls from root to ends to loosen them. If you want curls that face outward, reverse the airflow and repeat the process.
  5. Applying a setting spray that will seal the appearance and provide texture.