Air Purifiers to Essential Oils, Here’s How You Protect Yourself From Pollution

Air pollution has become a global problem. And the situation is far worse in certain places. Recently, Delhi’s air quality index dropped from average to poor. With pollution becoming a part of our lives, we unwillingly expose our bodies to several diseases and allergies the moment we step outside our house for work.

However, people, who are already suffering from certain allergies, are more prone to be affected by air pollution. Without precautions, a simple cold, cough, sneeze, and runny nose can get serious. You can fall seriously ill, and encounter breathing difficulties causing asthma or bronchitis. If you also suffer from spurts of allergic reactions, here’s how you can prevent them.

Buy air filters:

Purchasing indoor air filters is one of the best ways to deal with air pollution. These purifiers not only capture harmful pollutants and allergens but improve the overall air quality. Some air filters also come with the extra facility of beautiful essences that are quite refreshing to breathe in. Air purifiers having the HEPA filter are known to be the most effective.

Keep windows closed:

Very often all the dust, and pollen come from windows. Try closing your windows as contaminated air entering your nose might pave the way for breathing troubles and constant sneezing. However, keep the one in your bathroom open so that the room is well-ventilated. You can also switch on the bathroom vents to keep the mold and moisture at bay.

Wash bedsheets and pillowcases:

Dust and bacteria often cling to your bedsheets and pillowcases, which although invisible to the eye can result in allergic outbursts. Make it a point to wash your bedding equipment once every week. Vacuum the mattress as well. The other, more convenient option is to purchase allergen-proof pillow covers, bedsheets, and mattresses.

Follow proper personal hygiene

Personal hygiene goes a long way in keeping yourself safe from dust allergies. Always wash your hands with medical soaps or handwash after returning home. Also, take a hot shower to get rid of the dirt and pollutants.

Use essential oils

Besides filling your house with a sweet fragrance, essential oils having lavender, tea tree, rose, and woodsy essence contain anti-inflammatory properties giving you relief from allergic reactions, red eyes, and other air pollution effects.